Customer Testimonials 


"We are extremely pleased with everything and absoulty love our Milk and Icecream­čśŹ and our Dogs look forward to every Thursday­čśť Thanks sooo much."

Dana S. (Elkton, MD)


"I love the very early morning delivery!!! Thank you again for offering this service! Brings a smile to me every Tuesday!!"

Elizabeth W. (Chads Ford, PA)

"We want to thank you so much for the birthday cake ice cream.  Lana loved it, especially the sprinkles in the ice cream.  That was so kind of you.  We want to thank you for your thoughtfulness to Lana.  You guys are so great and we are happy we found out about you."



Nancy D. (Newark, DE)                                             

"Rain or snow, thank you for still delivering 2 weeks ago despite the 7 inches of snow and unplowed roads. My 2 year old, Annabelle, appreciated fresh milk on a cold, fridgid day!"

Lisa B. (Abingdon, MD)


"Thank you for being the absolute sweetest and best scoopers at our wedding!. You and the Moo Mobile made our day that much more delightful! Thank you so very much!"

Kile & Mike V. (Middletown, MD)

"It's been great working with you again this year! Again, I appreciate how far things have come in the last couple of years. I hope you have a great fall, winter, and spring! We'll be ready for a delivery in late June!"

Mason's Heritage Farm (Queen Anne, MD)


"Thank you so much for your outstanding service, care, and kindness to our family.  We so appreciate your hard work."

Lindsay P. (Elkton, MD)

"Jake and Riley thank you and thank you … it’s for them (my husband and I are vegetarians but J&R are dedicated carnivores).  They give an 8 paws up endorsement to your beef (and thankfully, I have a neighbor who cooks it for them).  And I thank you for getting me out of hot water with J&R. I care that Kilby’s gives good care to your cows and that you do not give them feed with antibiotics or growth hormones -- that is why I buy Kilby beef for my dogs – it’s food I can trust to contribute to the good health of Jake and Riley."

Cynthia M. (West Grove, PA)

 "Growing up on a farm, you learn the difference between fresh dairy products and what a grocery store calls "fresh". Milk and dairy products that come from cows that are well cared for and raised on good grass make a huge difference in the quality and taste of what you feed your family."


Kilby will be a delightfully happy shock to new customers. The quality of their dairy products, the simple fact that milk in glass bottles tastes better because it doesn’t absorb plastic smells, the rest of their product offerings and the outstanding home delivery; you owe it to yourself and your family to join the list of satisfied Kilby Dairy customers."

John C. (Chestertown, MD)


"Hi!  Last Friday I left a note with one of our milk bottles saying the bottom busted out and we lost the milk. Your driver left us an extra bottle of milk for this week. I just wanted to say thank you.  I didn't expect that, I just wanted you to know why I was sending a broken bottle back.


We love Kilby Cream, Thanks so much!"

Lori S. (Earleville, MD)

"I just want to say what a joy it is to receive milk delivery at my home. It's a return of a priceless, childhood memory as well as a boon to my desire to eat local. Thank y'all so much."

B. Scira (Newark, DE)