Kilby Cream Dairy Store

   Come visit us at our ice cream shop and dairy store! We're open Monday thru Saturday 11-9 and Sunday 2-9. The Kilby farmers have always searched for "good land" from North Carolina thru Pennsylvania, to Harford County and finally in 1961 to Cecil County. Although Kilbys have been dairying for over 100 years, ice cream making began in 2005 and in 2010 we began bottling our own milk.

Home Delivery   Go to South Mountain Creamery for more information on how to sign up.   SMC likes to say that take care of things from dirt to door.   They crop the crops, raise the aniamls, milk the cows, process the milk, and make the home deliveries, ensureing you are getting the highest quality, and freshest milk in the area.