Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions we most frequently receive from customers and prospective customers alike. If you do not see an answer to your question, please feel free to call us at (855) 284-2700.


  1. How fresh is your milk? How long is its shelf life?

The milk you buy from Kilby Cream goes from moo to you in 24 to 48 hours. If properly refrigerated, we guarantee our milk for 5 days after the sell buy date on the milk cap.

  1. How do I place an order?
    We highly recommend that you place your order on-line through our web site. If you prefer to phone in your order call (855) 284-2700.
  2. Is there a minimum order amount?
  3. Yes.  The total product amount for a delivery is $5.
  4. What if I forget to order?
    If you miss the on-line order cut off, you may call (855) 284-2700, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm to update your order. We will do our best to accommodate requests. 
  5. How do I pay for my order?
    You may pay by check or debit/credit card. If using a debit/credit card, we will credit your account for the bottles you return prior to charging your account.
  1. What is the cost to have home delivery?
    The cost of delivery is $4.00 per delivery. Product order amount does not include bottle deposits or the delivery fee. 
  2. How do bottle deposits work?
    We charge a $2 refundable bottle deposit on any size Kilby Cream glass bottle you receive. This deposit is automatically added to your bill. Every time you return a glass bottle to us you will see a $2 per bottle credit on your bill. You may also return bottles to our retail store or our vendors and receive the same refund.
  3. How do I pay for my home delivery bill?
    We accept Discover, Visa, or Master Card for payment. After delivery, you will receive an invoice within 1-3 business days via e-mail. At that time your credit card will also be billed automatically. You may also pay by check, but will not receive an invoice via e-mail.
  4. Are there any holidays that your business is closed? 

We make special arrangements to deliver the day before or after a holiday. We will inform you via e-mail to let you know what the holiday delivery schedule will be for those deliveries.

  1. What is your inclement weather policy?
    We make every effort possible to deliver your order on its regularly scheduled day. We may leave earlier or later, depending on the storm. This allows us to be on the roads when it is safest. Please help us in this effort by placing your cooler and empty milk bottles out earlier than normal in case we arrive at your location earlier than expected. If we are forced to cancel a delivery due to inclement weather, we will inform you via e-mail. Always be certain to keep your e-mail address updated in our system for important announcements such as these. 

What if I am not home for delivery?
If you are not home at the time of your delivery we ask that you leave a cooler with ice packs for your delivery driver. They will pack your order in the cooler to keep your products until you get home. We now sell Kilby Cream milk boxes!

    1. How do I keep my order cold until I get home?
      Milk box, cooler, refrigerator placement. Many of our customers have insulated milk boxes or coolers on their porch where items are delivered and kept cold until you get home. We will also leave in a refrigerator in your garage if you are comfortable with us leaving it in your home.
    2. What do I do if I am going on vacation and do not need a delivery?
      If you are going on vacation you may place your account on vacation status or you may cancel your delivery by using our on-line ordering system. If you miss the on-line cut off, you may call (855) 284-2700, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm to update your order.
    3. Do I have to sign a contract?  Is there a required length of service?
      There is not a service contract. There is also no required length of service.
    4. How are your bottles handled?  Do they get recycled?
      We reuse our bottles. We follow a stringent cleaning process that is inspected by the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. 
    1. What do you feed your cows?
      Our cows' diet comes from hay, corn, and grasses grown on our farm. 
    2. Do you give your cows antibiotics?                                                                                

We will use antibiotics to treat a sick animal if no other course of action is available. Also, all of the milk from animals treated with antibiotics is not sold until the antibiotics have cleared the animal's system. We have a lab on site where we test our milk before we bottle it.

  1. Do you use rBST or other synthetic growth hormones on your cows?
    No, we do not give our cows any of these artificial hormones. 
  2. How much milk does a cow give in a day?
    It varies greatly depending on the genetics of the cow and where she is in her lactation cycle. On average, however, our cows give between 6 and 7 gallons of milk each day.
  3. What breed of cows do you have?
    We have two main breeds of cows: Holstein, and Jersey. We believe this mixed herd of cattle results in healthy animals and a high quality milk.
  1. How do I suggest new items for Kilby Cream to carry?
  2. Our goal is to provide local, convenient, quality products delivered to your door. If you have a product you love and want us to consider, email with suggestions.
  3. Where do your cows live?  
  4. All of our cows live right here on the Kilby farm in Colora, MD.
    1. Do you sell raw milk?
      The state of Maryland does not allow the sale of raw milk.
    2. Do you pasteurize your milk?

    Pasteurized milk is milk that has been heated and then cooled to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in the milk. We minimally process our pasteurized milk by using flash pasteurization so we can rapidly heat and cool the milk to retain its taste and integrity.

    1. What is cream line milk?
      Cream line milk has been pasteurized but has not been homogenized. Homogenization is the process of breaking up the fat particles in milk to be smaller so that they stay in suspension. By not homogenizing, the cream in the milk will rise to the top and form a cream line.
    2. If I am not in your home delivery area or do not wish to receive home delivery, are there any other locations to purchase your milk?
      Yes! You are always more than welcome to purchase your milk right from our retail store. You may also purchase our milk and/or ice cream from our vendors. See the 'Find Our Products' link on our website.