Product FAQs


Our Family

Our family has been in the dairy business for over 100 years. We take great pride in making our own products. 


Making our own products

All Kilby Cream products start with our cows.  Our cows are fed a grass diet along with corn silage and grain.  In the winter months they are fed hay harvested from excess summer grass. We do not give our cows growth hormones or feed containing antibiotics. We do treat them with antibiotics when they are sick and hold their milk until the medicine has cleared their systems. The cows are housed in sand bedding which is hygienic and reduces bacteria.  Our milk and ice cream comes from our Jersey and Jersey/Holstein cross cows because it is richer and creamier. 



Our milk is pasteurized, but minimally processed so it retains its natural character.  We offer cream line milk which is whole milk that is not homogenized, this allows the cream to rise to the top of the bottle. Homogenization forces the milk through small orifices under pressure to break up the fat molecules, which keeps the milk from separating.  The cream line milk and our ice cream are both non-homogenized.  We sell our milk in returnable, reusable glass bottles that have little environmental impact. You’ll appreciate the cool, fresh flavor that only a glass bottle can give.  The only time our milk leaves the farm is when it comes to you.  Our milk is available for purchase at our ice cream shop or through our home delivery service


Ice cream

We offer traditional, sugar free and Over 21 ice cream flavors.  With over 50 varieties we use local ingredients when available, so we have many seasonal flavors, including Strawberry Cheesecake, Black Raspberry and Caramel Apple.  Our ice cream shop offers 23 flavors of ice cream available in cup or cone. We also have mooshakes, sundaes, and banana splits.  There's a selection of pints, ice cream cakes and bonbons for you to take home.  We take special orders for our ice cream pies, bonbons and 2.5 gallon tubs.  Just like our ice cream, these are homemade creations that everyone will enjoy.  As with milk, our ice cream is available for home delivery.  



In addition to our dairy products, we deliver farm, fresh brown eggs from the free-range and pastured hens at Stoltzfus Egg Farm.  Stoltzfus eggs are antibiotic and pesticide free. They are a natural and local alternative to store bought eggs.